Foxcun got its start in 2017 in a small harbor town in
Massachusett, where winters are long, and even summers can be chilly. Our original down comforters provided a lavish warmth that made them a hit. Word spread, demand grew and we began selling a wide range of bedding comforts. Today foxcun continues to design luxury pillows, comforters and featherbeds in Boston, Massachusetts from fine imported materials.

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Ok - I don’t know what the deal is, if this is even possible, but these sheets are nicer than the Westin’s Heavenly Bed!!!! No kidding! They are soft, comfortable, etc., etc., etc.

– Brenda

They feel very soft, and have a good weight to them. Snapping them up and down is not like typical sheeets, they remind me of batman's cape!

– Rodrigo

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